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The company was found in 2013 and we represent ice hockey players and coaches from Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United States and Canada. Hockey players from the youth categories and deals with the consultation and advisory services. Our goal is to do mediation work "differently". We don’t push the player with the signature of the contract, first we want to get to know each other and to outline their ideas. Thanks to the personal approach we are able to give our players the maximum possible service and conditions for their careers . Our priority is the communication and confidence not only in sports, but also personal life, we communicate with every player throughout the season .





With the young players we start consultations from 16 years of age, when we plan their career development. We communicate with parents and advised which direction to go. We have the personal approach with the players. On each of the players we've got 100% of the information throughout the season. After each game, we are here for the players. We want to be based on consultation and contact with all the players.





Each client can contact our nutrition person, which advise on each patient's athletes. Athletes diet is 80% of success.



In cooperation with Milan Vodička, we focus on the combination of sport and studying in the United States. Our young hockey players have the opportunity to go play hockey in North America and study the prestigious University. All the detail informations on the website:

Milan Vodicka, MBA

World Development Sports Group

+1 (863) 605-0247

+420 604 271 284

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